Tradesmen Insurance

Tradesmen Insurance

From Builders and Bricklayers to Landscape gardeners whatever your trade is, it is important that you are adequately covered for any unforeseen losses that may occur.
Tradesman Insurance is designed to provide you with cover against financial losses arising from situations at work. Whether you come up against a personal injury, legal action or liability issues, a tradesman insurance policy will provide you with the protection you require.

At Doyle Mahon we understand the importance of flexibility and tailor every insurance package to fit your individual needs. We have excellent packages available at very competitive prices.

Policies vary from trade to trade, although mainly include public liability insurance and employer’s liability insurance.
Public Liability Insurance: – As a tradesman the chances are that you’ll be in contact with the public on a daily basis. Tradesman’s liability insurance is designed to cover claims made against you as a result of damage or injury to a third party, and most of our policies also include Product Liability Insurance as standard.
The limits of indemnity available are €1.3M, €2.6M, or €6.5M
Employers Liability Insurance: – If you have any employee’s, the law states you must have employers’ liability insurance. Our policies provide up to €13m of cover for both permanent and temporary employees.

Tradesman’s Liability insurance can be extended to include the following cover:
Business Equipment, Tools and Plant Hire
This section of the policy covers loss, theft and damage to your own plant, tools and equipment. It includes all items belonging to the business, along with partners, principals and employees’ own equipment used in connection with the business. It also includes stock and goods in transit.

If you would be interested in making significant savings whilst also obtaining the best cover on the market why not call Doyle Mahon Insurances on 053-91 23630 or contact us via email.

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