Tractors Increase on Roads as Summer Approaches

Tractors Increase on Roads as Summer Approaches

Tractors Increase on Roads as Summer Approaches


Summer is coming and hopefully we’ll get the sunshine to match!!! This only means one thing; we will start to see the number of tractors, trailers and other farm machinery on our roads increase.

As a result road accidents become a higher risk.


The Road Safety Authority & Irish Farmers Association are urging road users to take extra care as the number of farm machinery out on the roads start to increase over the coming months.


Here at Doyle Mahon Insurances we have prepared some of our top tips for road users, farmers and drivers.


Our Top Tips for Drivers:


  1. Be aware there will be increased traffic on the roads
  2. Be Patient! Allow plenty of time for each journey
  3. Do not overtake unless it’s safe to do so
  4. Be mindful of tractors, trailers and other farm machinery exiting form fields or farm yards


Our Top Tips for Farmers:


  1. Be mindful of the build up of traffic behind you
  2. Exit fields and farm yards with caution
  3. Be sure all safety requirements on tractors/machinery are met. e.g. lights, breaks, reflectors ect


All in all proceed with caution for every journey and make the roads a safe place for all users this summer.


Doyle Mahon Insurances

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Picture credit: Peter Mooney
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