Prepare your home for Winter

Prepare your home for Winter

Prepare your home for Winter

Prepare your home for winter…

With all this talk of a possible white Christmas and the cold spell well and truly on its way we have come up with some helpful tips to ensure your home, rental property or holiday home are protected from the low temperatures;

  • Make sure your pipes are properly insulated
  • Outside pipes should be fitted with insulating sleeves if exposed
  • Leave the underside of tanks free from insulation to ensure rising heat can reach them
  • Have the property checked regularly either by you or a responsible adult. Should there be any issues this will help identify them quickly

Winter Check List:

1. Clean dead leaves and other debris from your gutters to avoid rainwater overflowing onto your roof
2. Check Roof tiles and slates are secure so you don’t get water damage in the loft/roof space
3. Check your aerial is properly secured
4. Remove dead/damaged branches from any trees which could damage your property in stormy weather
5. Store your garden furniture in a property sealed shed, garage or conservatory
6. Make sure your front gate is properly locked
7. Make sure all electrical Christmas decorations have tight connections. Don’t forget to unplug them when there’s no one at home
8. Never leave candles lit in an empty room
9. Double check your smoke alarms is working



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