Go with the Flow this Winter – Tips to Beat the Chill

Go with the Flow this Winter – Tips to Beat the Chill

Go with the Flow this Winter – Tips to Beat the Chill

The cold weather is upon us and every year we help our clients affected by water damage caused by freezing and burst pipes.

Frozen water in pipes can cause water pressure build-up between the ice blockages, leading to pipes bursting at their weakest point. In order to avoid damage to your home or business due to burst pipes, we have put together some helpful tips to prevent and minimise damage.

 Protect Pipes From Freezing:

  • Ensure that pipes are insulated, especially in cold areas like the attic, outbuildings or where pipes are external, so they do not freeze
  • Consider automatic leak detection systems: advanced devices can detect and automatically shut off the water supply if leaks are detected
  • Add insulation to crawl spaces and attics. Ensure that insulation is on top of roof piping – not under, to benefit from heating coming from below
  • Leave your heating on at a lower temperature for longer or put it on timer during the night
  • Set timed heating while away: If you are away from home over the winter months, set the heating to come on when the temperature drops below a certain point
  • When the weather falls below freezing, let cold water drip from your tap
  • Keep the thermostat set to the same temperature both during the day and at night
  • Consider moving exposed pipes to increase protection from freezing
  • Drain the system: If your home is to be unoccupied for a long time, drain all systems of water

How to Thaw Frozen Pipes:

  • Running water through your tap will help to melt ice in the pipe
  • Applying heat to the frozen pipe area is an effective technique: use an electric heating pad, a hair dryer or towels soaked in hot water. Never use any open flame device to thaw
  • If you cannot locate the area of frozen pipe or it is not accessible, call a licensed plumber
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