Farm Insurance Features

Farm Insurance Features

Insuring your sheds, land and livestock are obvious areas to be insured on your farm insurance. Farm policies now offer a variety of different covers to cater for your individual farming needs.

Have you thought about covering your bulk tank if the motor failed? Getting cover for that dreaded revenue audit (the accountant’s fees, not the tax bill!!). You can also cover a Sat Nav system in your tractor/combine or look at personal accident insurance to protect your livelihood if you get a stray kick, which leaves you injured. A lot of these covers are available at little cost and some are available as standard, for example:

• Spray drift
• Personal Accident cover
• Bulk Milk tank storage
• Collapse of slats cover for cattle
• All risks for electronics in tractors
• Revenue commissioners audit fees
• Business Interruption

If you’ve added a shed in recent years, now is the time to get your cover reviewed, and ensure your cover matches what’s in the yard. Whatever farming you’re in covers are changing to suit your farm. Call us today on 053-9123630 to obtain better cover at a far better price!

Alternatively you can contact us via our webiste

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