Farm Insurance Checklist as per Article in this weeks Echo Newspaper

Farm Insurance Checklist as per Article in this weeks Echo Newspaper

Doyle Mahon Insurances were delighted to contribute to the insurance section in this weeks Echo Newpaper. Full article below:

Colm Mahon of Doyle Mahon Insurances gives you 5 tips on Farm Insurance:

Farm Buildings Insurance

Insuring sheds correctly is vital when you’re going through your farm insurance. Farm buildings are one of the cheapest aspects of the farm policy, so leaving sheds out or under-insured is a false economy. Also, always include storm cover, it costs very little, and recently covered snow damage claims.

Leave nothing out

Your farm policy should always include your private home and all your agricultural machinery. By doing this you avail of the cheaper rates available through a farm policy and also increase your buying power. Less renewals pop up during the year, and if the cost is an issue avail of finance, it still works out cheaper.

Insure your livestock correctly

Over the last 18 months Cattle farmers have enjoyed great prices for beef. Demand for quality Irish Beef is high, and long may it last. With this in mind Doyle Mahon Insurance is pleased to announce cover for mortality for Livestock. This is a first in the Irish Market. This means that if an animal chokes or is strangled during the night, and the vets report indicates it died from a specific accidental cause (excluding natural causes), you can recoup the loss of the animal, vets and knackery bills.
Insure high risk items
A quick glance through any paper will show that Quad bikes, Horse Boxes and Tractor Lawnmowers are proving very attractive to thieves in the current economic climate. Get them covered under your farm policy, and keep them locked up.
Farm Security tips
• Never leave keys in a vehicle
• Keep sheds locked – tool & machinery shed particularly.
• Keep Quad Bikes and Horse Boxes out of sight.
• Where possible park a tractor in front of the machinery shed
• Install sensor lights, (now available with built-in cameras that go on when light is on)
• Keep a dog in the Yard – still the best security you can get
• Stay in touch with your neighbours for any unusual visitors in the area

For more professional advice and a farm quotation at market leading rates contact Doyle Mahon Insurances on 053-9123630 or or take a look at our website

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