Covid-19: Practical Tips to Protect your Property

Covid-19: Practical Tips to Protect your Property

Covid-19: Practical Tips to Protect your Property

We hope you’re keeping as well as can be expected in these highly unusual times.

The pace at which circumstances are changing is exceptional.

This time last week we all felt there was going to be a lull or economic dip to go with the societal and human ramifications of the virus itself. Today, businesses across Ireland are closing for the first time in their history, and don’t know when they’ll reopen their doors. No industry is immune.

As I’m sure you can appreciate all the insurers now coming to terms with the vast majority of their staff working remotely in a very short space of time, whilst having to consider the implications of a once in a lifetime event (lets hope!) it’s proving extremely difficult to get any response given the speed at which circumstances are changing. However we are pressing on behalf of all our customers to get responses from all our insurers. Every business in the country is being affected by the current situation.

We await answers on a variety of queries from clients, from direct debits, to property insurance to Business Interruption queries and Employer Liability concerns.


In terms of practical advice I can offer you, I would offer the following:-


Security of Property

If your property does close or has closed, you should take the following steps to protect it:

  • Ensure the premises is locked up and alarm set if there is one.
  • Check alarms and heating systems are in working order
  • Drop in and check the premises a few times a week.
  • Remove all combustible waste form the premises
  • Remove any cash or valuables from the premises where this is practical
  • If we get a drop in temperature, disconnect the water to avoid burst pipes (water freezing in the pipes)

As I’m sure you’re aware, the priority at the moment is the health and safety of everyone. As soon as we have answers we’ll communicate these to our customers.

Take Care

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