Changing Times for Dairy & Beef Farmers

Changing Times for Dairy & Beef Farmers

Changing Times for Dairy & Beef Farmers

With the removal of milk quotas in 2015, there is a lot of work going on in expanding and developing existing Dairy Farms, and building new milking parlours for new entrants into Dairy. Naturally enough, there is a significant cost involved in developing the sheds, machinery & electronics in these ventures. There’s also a heavy investment of capital and time in stocking up.

While the end of the quota holds promise for the Irish Dairy sector, it is tinged with uncertainty. Expanding your Dairy Farm or diversifying into it can be expensive, protecting it needn’t be. Contrary to popular belief, insuring a milking parlour and milking equipment are very inexpensive on combined farm policy. With prices for Cattle & Dairy cows still strong, the herd is a valuable asset.

It’s not unusual for a herd to be valued at €70,000 or €80,000, or an awful lot more. While some farmers are content to have public liability on their herd, merely covering the damage to a neighbour’s property or a car that gets kicked. This is the same as buying a brand new tractor and covering it for Third Party Only (not even Fire & Theft). Increasingly farmers are covering livestock for:

• Electrocution
• Fatal Injury due to Collapse of Slats
• Fatal Injury whilst being driven or led on foot
• Fatal Injury in transit
• Accidental Death

Accidental Death of livestock covers animals that die of any cause deemed to be accidental by the vet. Examples of claims paid here would include:

• 7 cattle break into a field of winter barley and die – €8,000 paid
• Young bull found strangled in cattle shed – €1,200 paid
• Cow drowned in gripe – €1,800 paid
• 2 cows die from Slurry fumes during agitation – €3,600 paid

Getting the right cover in place needn’t cost you. Get your farm insurance updated and accurate at the best prices contact us on 053-9123630 or email info@doylemahon.ieCow

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