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Pub / Bar Insurance

Want to save money on your pub insurance???

Then look no further than Doyle Mahon Insurances.

We have access to a wide range of A rated insurers who can provide cover for all types of premises whether it be a small cosy rural bar, to a bustling city centre super pub or a craft brewery we cater for all needs.

Our experienced team, who combined have more than 20 years dealing with the licensed trade, understand the risks facing your business and can guide you in making sure you have the correct cover to safeguard your business at a competitive price.

Cover includes –

Public Liability

If someone has an accident, is injured or their property is damaged on your property. If a customer slipped on a wet floor and broke their arm, you’d be liable as it’s your responsibility to make sure your property is safe. Public liability insurance could cover the cost of any legal fees or compensation.

Employers Liability

Employers liability insurance means you could be covered if one of your staff members gets sick or injured because of their work


Buildings insurance is designed to cover any damage to the building itself. If you’re a tenant, that may not be your responsibility – it’s typically down to the owner to sort out buildings insurance.  Remember, it’s the rebuild figure that’s important here not the market value, or how much you paid for it. Hidden costs such as demolition, waste disposal, engineers fees can rapidly add up. Inadequate buildings cover could seriously jeopardise your ability to relaunch your business following a fire for example.

Business interruption (Loss of profits)

In simple terms, If you are forced to close your business for a period of time due to a storm, fire or any other insured peril, this cover can assist in providing a supplementary income for a defined period. This is generally based on your gross profit figure.

Other covers can also include –



Loss of Licence

Fixtures & Fitting

Legal Expenses


Frozen Food

If you would like to discuss your business then don’t hesitate to contact one of our commercial team who will assist you in getting the right cover for the right price Get in touch by calling 053 91 23630 or email

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